About Us

How and why did we come up with the idea of RentMyItems?

Ask yourself this…who doesn’t have something they own that is under-used, or want the use of something but cannot justify the cost of buying their own or do not want to buy something as they do not have space to store it?

This is the situation we found ourselves in. We could make money from lots of things we own if werented them out and at the same time do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. Forget the money for the moment and just think about where everything you own comes from and how it gets to you. The likelihood is that it contains natural resources, has been manufactured by a process that emits harmful substances into the atmosphere and then gets to you via a chain of transportation methods that are also harmful to the air that we breathe. There are also items that we would like to use but cannot justify the cost of owning ourselves.
Bringing all these factors into play we thought it would be good if we can help you make some money, save money and be green by trading within your local community; and in many cases walking around the block to deliver/collect an item.
Add to this the fact that we do not charge a commission on any money you make when you list an item and arrange the rental for each trade, we simply charge a minimal listing fee after our free listing period ends. Therefore, as a Rentor, you know what your outlay is from the moment you list an item and will not be charged for renting an item. We believe that you should retain all of the income and do what you want with it – keep it, spend it, donate it to a worthy cause. The choice is yours. It’s also up to you how you charge the Rentee – we do not restrict how you take the rental fee. 

You don’t have to charge a rental fee; you may wish to see if somebody wants to swap items with you for a period of time.

Find out more by taking a look at  How It Works section and our FAQs.

We’re also keen to find out what you think about the site and anything you think that would enhance it so if you have any thoughts or comments do get in touch with us through our Contact us page.

In a nutshell, we are here to make the renting of items you own or want as easy as we can with a minimal listing fee and no other costs. You should feel good knowing that whilst you’re doing this you are doing your bit for the environment, because if we don’t look after it who will!

Spread the rental bug.

Happy renting!

The RentMyItems Team