Here's what we've been each article to view

Here's what we've been each article to view.

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£2.9bn wasted on rarely used items in the UK in the last 12 months - 15/9/11

Christmas The Way - 31/10/11

Don't Send £1.1bn Of Unwanted Christmas Gifts To The Scraphead - 19/12/11


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I hope you’re well. My name’s Mike Cowan and I’m working on a new BBC show called ‘More Cash Right Now’. It is a week of live shows due to air in July on BBC 1 in the UK.

I am making some of the films for the programmes and I’m planning to do one on share economies. I absolutely love the concept of Rent My items, and I was hoping to discuss the possibility of profiling one of your UK members and talking to them about their experiences as well as documenting one of their transactions. The concept for the film is to look at existing skills, talents, and assets and explore how we as a society are making use of them as an alternative or supplementary to our traditional incomes.

It would be fantastic to discuss this with you in more depth at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,


28 May 2015, 16:22
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