Frequently Asked Questions :- Security

Feeling unsure about using RentMyItems? We hope to allay your fears with these...

Is it safe to list my items on RentMyItems?

We are promoting RentMyItems as a safe and friendly environment. You have complete control over who you rent your items to and when, and we have an item and user rating system to provide you with the tools to rent safely and confidently. You can also charge a deposit, the amount of which you determine.
To give you further peace of mind you can print the following form, fill in the details and ask the Rentee to sign it upon collection and return of your item.  We also suggest that you ask for a copy of a utility bill and sight of some ID.


What if something goes wrong?

Sometimes things will go wrong. RentMyItems does not take responsibility for any failed or less than perfect transactions. As we are not directly involved in the rentals we cannot set terms of agreement between users. However we do give you the opportunity to publish ratings and comments. Your feedback on fellow members and items will be visible for other members when they’re deciding if they should rent from that person. And if you’re still not happy you can Contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help.


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