Frequently Asked Questions :- Rentor

Want to list items you own for rent? Here are answers to some questions you may have...

How do I make an item “unavailable” for a period of time?

Within the ” My Account” section of the Dashboard you can assign actions to each item you have listed, including notifying days or periods of time that the item is not available.

What should my rental and deposit fees be?

As the quality of items in full-working order can vary widely, RentMyItems believes that the rental price set for an item is entirely the Rentor’s choice, and so RentMyItems is not involved in the rental pricing decision, nor will it take a commission on rental money received by the Rentor.

However, as a guide, we suggest that the rental price of the item is worked out by taking the cost price of the same or a similar item and dividing that by 20, assuming that the item would be rented for 20 weeks in a year, and add 30%. This would suggest that a lawnmover that cost £100, as long as in new-working order, would be rented at approximately £6.50 per day, and an ice-cream maker that cost £250 would be charged out at approximately £16 per day.

It might be that an item only needs to be rented for half a day, in which case we would suggest that you add a comment to the Item Description saying "Half-Day Rental Possible".

As it is up to you whether you, as the Rentor, deliver or have the Rentee collect, you may wish to add an additional charge for delivery and add this to the Item Description, or alternatively make the Rentee aware of this.

How much commission does RentMyItems take from a rental?

RentMyItems does not charge a commission. We simply charge a minimal listing fee to facilitate the rental and believe that you should keep everything you earn through your endeavours.

Why should I rent my items to someone I don’t know?

You don’t have to. But the more you rent to others, the more they will rent to you. Everyone wants to make and save a little money. And it gives you the opportunity to meet members of your local community.

What file formats can I use for photo uploads?

We recommend using either jpeg, tif or png files.


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