Frequently Asked Questions :- New to RentMyItems

The following questions and answers should tell you why we started RentMyItems and guide you through the registration process...

What is RentMyItems? is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to list items that they wish to rent, lend or swap. RentMyItems shows listings of items available in a given location, mapped around the location of the Rentor, showing the rental price and availability. Doing this can make you money and save you money whilst reducing waste.

How does RentMyItems work?

Registering with RentMyItems allows Rentors to list items for a minimal listing fee and Rentees to rent items.

How much does it cost to register?

Whether registering as a Rentor or a Rentee on RentMyItems is free and does not commit you to any spending. Our listing fees can be seen on our Listing Fees page. All listing payments are taken through PayPal.

What items should I list on RentMyItems?

Anything that you own that you wish to rent out. Items can range from household appliances to garden furniture to clothing. Please do not list confidential, illegal,  offensive content or items that do not work. For example, pornography, libel, trade secrets, discriminatory content, incitement of violence and racial, religious, ethnic hatred or a broken lawnmower or hedge trimmer. It will be delisted by us, at our discretion, and you will not receive a listing refund. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information.


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