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  • 1. Robin Palmer Joins The RentMyItems Team

    I am delighted to join the RentMyItems team to help further the expansion and development of the company as well as support the broader Collaborative Consumption industry.

    The importance of this industry cannot be underestimated. In modern society, sharing is being reinvented through technology, and social networking is allowing the exchanging of assets on a scale never seen before. It is certainly clear that we are moving forward to old market principles of trust and a focus on building communities. Within this context businesses like RentMyItems are filling a gap.

    Tags: Robin Palmer, UK Sharing Co, trust, community, peer-to-peer, Warren Heal, Paul Savident, network, sharing, renting

  • 2. “Consume less; share better”

    Kempf’s is a simple mandate borne out of good, old-fashioned common sense.  After all, how many of us own a tent that we use no more than a couple of days over the summer? How many of us have a slow-cooker that we’ve only ever used once or twice, but we hold on to ‘just in case’? How many of us make a journey in the car with four empty passenger seats? And on the flip side, how many of us have loft space in our homes that is only ever half-full?

    It seems obvious that the solution to all this wastage is sharing, but what Hervé doesn’t impart through his little nugget of wisdom, is how one can share better. We take a look at the options...


    Tags: kampf, nieghbours, renting, sharing, tasks, home working, home swap, letting, cars, storage

  • 3. Was Noel Edmonds the Rachel Botsman of the late 1970s?

    When Saturday mornings were dull and the UK was in a blip, the live TV show Multi-Coloured Swap Shop was launched to the nation, hosted by a radio DJ who would become the nation’s favourite – none other than Noel Edmonds.  Each Saturday morning Noel and his bunch of fun-buddies would entice us all to swap things with each other – be it the latest toy that was more ‘past-it’ than ‘a must have’, or a hair-dryer that had been replaced and was now sitting on a shelf unused.  The live TV show’s cornerstone was this Swaporama element which saw an outside broadcast from a different location throughout the UK where children (primarily!) could swap their belongings with others.

    Tags: rent, make money, renting, borrow, rentmyitems, share, save money, rent stuff, rent things, rent my items, Noel Edmonds, Rachel Botsman, Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, sharing, swapping, re-using, borrowing

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