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  • 1. “Consume less; share better”

    Kempf’s is a simple mandate borne out of good, old-fashioned common sense.  After all, how many of us own a tent that we use no more than a couple of days over the summer? How many of us have a slow-cooker that we’ve only ever used once or twice, but we hold on to ‘just in case’? How many of us make a journey in the car with four empty passenger seats? And on the flip side, how many of us have loft space in our homes that is only ever half-full?

    It seems obvious that the solution to all this wastage is sharing, but what Hervé doesn’t impart through his little nugget of wisdom, is how one can share better. We take a look at the options...


    Tags: kampf, nieghbours, renting, sharing, tasks, home working, home swap, letting, cars, storage

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