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  • 1. “Consume less; share better”

    Kempf’s is a simple mandate borne out of good, old-fashioned common sense.  After all, how many of us own a tent that we use no more than a couple of days over the summer? How many of us have a slow-cooker that we’ve only ever used once or twice, but we hold on to ‘just in case’? How many of us make a journey in the car with four empty passenger seats? And on the flip side, how many of us have loft space in our homes that is only ever half-full?

    It seems obvious that the solution to all this wastage is sharing, but what Hervé doesn’t impart through his little nugget of wisdom, is how one can share better. We take a look at the options...


    Tags: kampf, nieghbours, renting, sharing, tasks, home working, home swap, letting, cars, storage

  • 2. Cars are free too!

    When we began thinking of as the online answer to all your household rental needs, whether as a Rentor or Rentee, little did we think that people would take the opportunity so soon to rent something that, if not quite household, is held by virtually all houses.  The item we’re talking about?  A car!

    Even though a car is a ‘big ticket item’ as a Rentor you can still receive up to two months FREE listings for this type of item.  So if your car is sitting in your driveway, or on the road, most of the week, why not think of listing it today FREE of charge, and make a little bit of extra money by renting it to a neighbour or someone in your local community.

    Tags: car things, cars, loan, rent a car, rentmyitems,, save money, share, spare car, vans

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