Collaboration With 5 Other Sharing Economy Businesses...And New Team Member

We have recently formed a “coalition” with 5 other businesses working within The Sharing Economy to form The Savvy Earner – “your guide to making money from your spare stuff”. Visit the website, and you can download the guide that showcases six innovative ways to start earning money without getting another job. Each of these pioneering businesses is an established leader in their field, helping thousands earn extra cash every month. We’ve come together to spread the word about how good it can be to put your assets to work, making money for you. We have teamed up with the following companies to show you how simple it can be to make money from:

 Other useful sections on the website include how to get yourself started in the world of Collaborative Consumption, top tips on how to allay your concerns on safety and security and an infographic on how much you could earn from the spare things in life.

The press coverage we have received from setting up The Savvy Earner has been fantastic and has included The Guardian, The Metro, Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Financial Times, BBC News and ITV. And look out for case studies on 3 of the businesses appearing in Woman’s Own magazine in October and November (ours is 19th November).

Our own case studies in the press also continue. Two of our users, Jackie and Olivia, and our founder Warren will be featuring on the BBC Radio 4 programme “You And Yours” on Monday 26th August....Listen out! There has also been coverage of RentMyItems on websites including My Family Club, Bitter Wallet, You Could Save and UK Home Worker...thankyou to them all.

Oh and we have just had a mention in a book for the first time. It’s called “Ausperity – Live The Life You Want For Less” ( and has been excellently researched and written by Lucy Tobin (Twitter: @lucytobin). There are great tips throughout the book and is a must-read for anyone looking to find just about any way to save money.

Finally as part of this update on what has been happening here at RentMyItems recently (but by no means any less important!) is that we are delighted to announce that Robin Palmer has joined our team. Robin is joining us to work on Finance and Strategy following a career in banking and is already proving an invaluable member of our team. You’ll be hearing from Robin soon as to why he wanted to become involved in The Sharing Economy and in particular RentMyItems.

Of course you can still continue to list and rent, and with the weather still set fair, if you have any outdoor items such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers sitting idle get them listed could be making money!

We’ll be posting again soon to tell you more about 2 new exciting projects we are becoming involved in – Peers and The UK Sharing Co!