Robin Palmer Joins The RentMyItems Team

I am delighted to join the RentMyItems team to help further the expansion and development of the company as well as support the broader Collaborative Consumption industry.

The importance of this industry cannot be underestimated. In modern society, sharing is being reinvented through technology, and social networking is allowing the exchanging of assets on a scale never seen before. It is certainly clear that we are moving forward to old market principles of trust and a focus on building communities. Within this context businesses like RentMyItems are filling a gap.

In the distant past of my grand-parents, everyone knew each other and sharing was commonplace.  As time passed, this ‘local awareness’ fell off many people’s radar. Today, how few of us actually know our neighbours well enough to go and ask to borrow something? In the recent past it was certainly easier to go and buy what you needed, though this was because no framework for sharing and borrowing previously existed. RentMyItems delivers this framework.  We knew that if you can go online and find out that someone in your street, in your apartment building or within your local community has a host of items to rent that you would like to use then why wouldn't you? 

The value beyond going to corporate hire companies is also evident. Access to items that before had no marketplace. Access to items out of hours because the person you are borrowing off is also likely to be working full time. Try before you buy... why not? 

Importantly individuals, and indeed businesses, can start to build lending circles. Networks of trusted individuals who may not just provide access to goods or services but also to a network and a community. This whole economy is about bringing people together and creating new opportunities. 

In my mind RentMyItems stands out from the crowd. Now well established in the UK, it has been at the forefront of the movement. No other rental company has attracted such national press and attention which is important in building a reputable brand and a brand that people trust. 

RentMyItems is focused not only on the service that it offers through the peer-to-peer marketplace, it is keen to help individuals understand all of the options that are open to them. Collaboration with other UK businesses through The Savvy Earner guide offers a powerful handbook on additional sources of income available and really helps offer the bigger picture to people. 

We understand that in the UK further work is needed to help create a more established framework for the borrowing, sharing and renting of goods and services. Watch this space for more developments and our work, with others in our field, in building a UK sharing coalition.

The opportunity for all of us is huge, and I am delighted to be working with Warren and Paul adding my own skillset to their unquestionable knowledge, understanding and address book! We have a lot of exciting things to come for you, so, if you have not done so already, please register and get to know the opportunities available to you also.