Exercising As A Collaborative Sport

If neither the football matches of the Euro 2012, nor the endless cycling of the Tour de France, nor Wimbledon have inspired you to take up a sport and get in shape, probably the imminent Olympics will! Even before their start, the media have been covering the athletes’ preparation, largely focusing on their fitness regime which allows them to maintain the statuesque physiques that will hopefully help them succeed in the competitions. As for the rest of us, many will maybe feel a bit discouraged about their own bodies at the sight of the toned legs and sculpted abs flaunted by the Olympic contestants.

However, all is not lost for us, indeed there are many ways to get fit, which do not necessarily involve daily strenuous training sessions and rigid diets. Also, spending a fortune on gym memberships or fancy yoga courses are not a must either. For instance, RentMyItems.com offers you a cheap alternative by allowing you to rent the sport equipment you need from somebody in your area, who may have the exercise bike or the weight set you need so that you can train in your own home. The website lists items suitable for working out indoors as well as outdoors, like walking machines, kettle bells and vibro-plates as well as skis, golf clubs, mountain bikes and canoes. By only borrowing them, you have the advantage of trying them out and decide if that is the right exercise for you, before actually buying an expensive treadmill or a cricket set.

Obviously, this scheme also works the other way around, so you can make money out of the tennis bats you confined to the attic last winter by lending them to the couple living a few blocks away who is starting to take tennis classes. In this way, not only you will get rid of those objects for a while and have more space in the storage room, but you will also be able to make up for the money you spent purchasing them. Moreover, you could contribute to protect the environment, since you will adopt the collaborative consumption method, which helps reducing the damages to the ecosystem caused by overproduction and distribution of goods.

Who would have guessed that making your way to a great figure could also mean protecting the planet?