• 22 February 2012

    Sustainable Consumption for a Sustainable Fashion

    Apparently, it is one of those times of the year again. Articles upon articles about the latest trends in clothing style and designer looks have given it away quite clearly, so I am pretty sure most of you will be aware that it has been London’s turn in fashion weeks’ season. If not, you might instead know that the BAFTAs Ceremony, the Grammy Awards, the BRIT Awards and the Oscars are taking place in this period too, accompanied by the range of stunning evening dresses and suits flaunted on the red carpet. Anyhow, it is a fact that we are currently bombarded more than usual with images of fashion goddesses and gods, which we spend ages going through, rather than concentrating on coursework.

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    Tags: trends, fashion, style, BRIT Awards, Oscars, BAFTAs, fashion week